Browser Version & SSL

Browser Version is to access Output Messenger Server & Client with out installing any software.
As a browser application, we can use on any Operating System & Device.

To enable Browser Version

In Server Manager > Configure > Enable Browser Version.
Output Messenger Browser Version


On enabling Browser Version, the URLs for both Manager & Client will be displayed.
Manager URL : http://[[servername:port]]/admin/index.html
Client URL : http://[[servername:port]]/ombro/index.html

You can access the URLs directly in server to make sure browser option is working.
Then you can try in Client system, using Server host name or IP.
If you have any issue in accessing from client, make sure the Port number is added in Server Firewall exception list.

In Manager Browser version, you can manage Users, Groups & View Logs.
In Client Browser version, you can chat with others similar to the desktop client version.


All socket communication between Output Messenger Server & Client are under SSL (Secure Socket Layer) by using internal certificate.

But for browser version, we have to manually enable SSL & choose the preferred Certificate.

All installed certificates & internal Output Messenger certificate will be listed to choose. You can select a certificate to enable SSL.
Output Messenger SSL Certificate